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Larry King Slept Through the 90s

Larry King forgot that Jerry Seinfeld signed off when he was on top

I’ve always been a fan of CNN’s Larry King, but the host of “Larry King Live” has been making a lot of mistakes lately including calling his guests by the wrong name. Interviewing the living Beatles, he confused Ringo Starr for George Harrison and George Harrison for George Hamilton. Then last week, former CIA agent Valerie Plame-Wilson became “Flame Wilson.” Larry King has admitted that he doesn’t prepare for interviews and just wings it.

On his November 1st show, Larry King interviewed Jerry Seinfeld about his new movie “Bee Movie” in which Larry King makes a cameo appearance as “Bee Larry King.” In what is now a famous exchange, Larry King asked Jerry Seinfeld if his TV show was cancelled when it went off the air in 1998. The transcript is available on the CNN website and here is a video clip:

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Funny Jew Stuff

Funny selections from Jewsweek’s Jewriffic Awards.

Best reference to child molestation:
“Rabbi Feldman, stop touching me!”
— Adam Sandler on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno explaining what he was thinking when the director of his new movie, Spanglish, told him to channel a time from his childhood that would make him cry on cue.

Best rip-off of Fiddler on the Roof by a hot woman: Gwen Stefani riffs on Fiddler on the Roof on her new CD Love, Angel, Music, Baby with the song “Rich Girl,” a take off of Tevye’s “If I were a rich man”.

“Now that you’ve let the secret out that I’m not Jewish, I expect my career to be done. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. My career is officially over.”
— Jason Biggs thanking the women of “The View” for alerting the world to the fact that he’s not Jewish.

Best piece of political critique: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time when the party that controlled the Senate, the House, the White House and the Supreme Court was so out of sorts about how little respect they get. At a certain point you want to say, “OK, Goliath. Stop pretending.”
— Jon Stewart writing about the recent elections in Rolling Stone Magazine.

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