Renting an Awesome Ride for a Wedding: Important Information to Know

When one is planning a wedding, the checklist is usually big and overwhelming. It is no wonder people hire wedding planners to handle the arrangements. One of the most important parts of a wedding is the means of transportation for the couple and some of the guests.Most of the other people, especially those from the area, can take care of their own transportation to the wedding venue. So, if you want to get an awesome ride for your big day, here are some important tips.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Type

Rent a vehicle for a wedding

First of all, you and your partner must agree on the type of vehicle you want. Mainly, it is a choice between modern luxury vehicles and classics. The theme of the wedding can help you decide on which one to choose. For instance, a bow tie and tuxedo-themed wedding blends well with classic 70s cars, which are still available if you check at a reputable exotic vehicle rental company.

However, there are a number of other factors that may lead to a different choice. For those who want a vehicle that will carry themselves and the entire bridal party, then stretch limousines are the best. Today, they are available in a variety of popular models from Cadillac, Lincoln and Hummer among many others.

Examples of the Best Wedding Vehicles

For those who are not sure about what to choose, here are some examples of vehicles that are commonly used for weddings.

·         Mercedes Maybach – this is an expensive luxury sedan that gives you and your partner a memorable transport experience on your big day. It provides a presidential feel with an incredibly comfortable leather interior.

·         Rolls Royce Phantom – if you want to enjoy a royal feeling in a car, this is the best model to choose. At, you can find this vehicle at a reasonable rental price per hour to put the final touch on your dream wedding.

·         Austin Princess – for those with a classic theme for their wedding, this timeless vehicle will offer the best transportation. Reputable car rental companies still carry them for these occasions.

·         Lamborghini Aventador – this super caris one of the sportiest around although it only has two seats. This means that one of you has to drive it. It is common for grooms to drive their brides on this special day.

·         Limousines – as mentioned earlier, limos are available in different models these days. The best thing about them is that they are always driven by an experienced chauffeur and can carry more people at once. Choosing one will make your wedding special and memorable.

Paying for a Wedding Car

Most car rental companies have some requirements before they can rent you the car. They usually want to know the location of the wedding, number of hours the car will be needed and who will drive the car if they are not providing their professionally trained driver. Most of the classic and exotic vehicles are expensive and require maximum care.

Further, they ask for an upfront payment, and some will want security for the vehicle especially if you will drive it yourself. This payment is fully refundable and ensures that people are more responsible with the vehicles.