3 Tips for Creating a Wedding Photo Book From Guest Photos

Utilizing guest photos in a coherent way can be a challenge for newlyweds, despite their desire. Read on for tips.


For many couples, no day is as unique and memorable as their wedding day. Not only is it a celebration of love and happiness, but it’s the culmination of months of hard work. It takes a professional team to have a wedding run smoothly, but even the best of the best can miss the perfect photo opportunity.

Many couples have transitioned to guest-influenced albums, ensuring their special day is caught from every angle, candid and professional. However, with a camera in every hand, it can be hard to streamline the photos back to the wedded couple.

With these quick tips on creating the perfect wedding photo album from guest photos, never lose a precious picture again.

Online Photo Albums

Did you know you can automatically generate an entire album with an online photo book maker? Photos are transferred from Google photos or an Instagram or Facebook profile into a ready-to-order photo album in just a few easy steps. Some services can even pull images directly from your phone and into a book without the need for a secondary app or USB transfer.

Skip the scrapbooking and have all your photos in hand with a readymade online photo album.

The Group Folder

Using a Facebook Group or Google Drive folder, you can invite wedding guests to upload all their photos in one easy-to-find place. Instead of scavenging through social media for all the individual pics, let them do the hard work for you with a group upload.

From the group folder, you can transfer and print the pictures you enjoy and never risk losing one to the endless social media stream. Splurge for big file folders to ensure every picture gets its place, even the blurry ones.

The Polaroid Plan

A modern-day polaroid can both capture and instantly print perfect wedding moments on location without the need for phone cameras or tedious store printing. Create a Polaroid photo booth at your wedding, and let guests take pictures of the day for themselves and you.

Guests can also write intimate notes on the back of the polaroid before slipping it into a photo album, making it both a personal treasure and a cute guest notebook. With the help of a matching photo album, guests only need to snap, print, and slip the photo inside. By day’s end, you will have an entire book full of surprises waiting for you.

At Day’s End

There’re no wrong ways to go about planning your wedding photo book. Whether you prefer personal customization and scrapbooking, or instant automatization, the perfect wedding album is easy to achieve.

Using group photos is an excellent way to make guests feel included in your special day and strengthen the bonds and memories between friends and loved ones. Through their eyes, you can see your hard work, love, and affection payoff in personal and sometimes goofy guest photos.

Remember to keep a few phone chargers on hand, so no one loses the perfect shot to a low battery.