Book Chapters


Living Jewishly: A Snapshot of a Generation

This book, edited by Stefanie Pervos Bregman, is a collection of personal essays and memoirs from Jewish 20- and 30-somethings from across the country.

Each contributor brings a unique perspective as they tell their self-defining Jewish story.

Rabbi Jason Miller’s contribution “Are We Moving Beyond Denominational Borders?” serves as chapter 1 of the book.

“Looking beyond the borders that divide our Jewish community is not always easy or comfortable. After all, there are real differences that set us apart.  There are always going to be political and ideological conflicts that keep us from praying together or eating together. But we must always seek to dialogue with civility and come together over the issues on which we can agree. A Reform Passover seder may differ greatly from an Orthodox one, but the context is the same – we are all recalling the days our people spent in slavery. Neither Pharaoh nor Hitler differentiated between Reform, Conservative or Orthodox Jews.”