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Chooters… Oy!

I just read that the chain Hooters is coming to Tel Aviv. Since it’s Tel Aviv there is really no surprise here — neither by the lack of modesty by the dress of the waitresses nor by the treif food.

Here’s some of the article below. The entire article can be found here.

Hooters heads for the Holy Land

U.S. chain to bring spicy chicken wings and Hooters Girls to Tel Aviv, says restaurants won’t be kosher.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) — U.S. restaurant chain Hooters, known for waitresses in low-cut blouses and short skirts, will open its first branch in Israel this summer, in the Mediterranean seaside city of Tel Aviv.

“I strongly believe that the Hooters concept is something that Israelis are looking for,” Ofer Ahiraz, who bought the Hooters franchise for Israel, told Reuters on Monday. “Hooters can suit the Israeli entertainment culture.”

At Hooters, scantily clad waitresses the company calls Hooters Girls serve spicy chicken wings, sandwiches, seafood and drinks.

Ahiraz said a specific location in Tel Aviv, Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, had yet to be chosen, but he said it would not open restaurants near large religious populations, and they would not be kosher.

He said his plan was to open as many as five Hooters restaurants in the next few years, including one in the southern resort city of Eilat.

The Tel Aviv version of Hooters is expected to mimic most of the chain’s other 430 restaurants in the United States and in 23 countries including China, Switzerland, Australia and Brazil.

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