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Hanukkah Ham

Ham for HanukkahEveryone is talking about the faux pas at Balducci’s, the “food lover’s market” in New York City. Last week, blogger Nancy Kay Shapiro saw that Balducci’s had labeled its hams with pricing signs advertising “Delicious for Chanukah” and returned the next day with her camera in hand. Just about every newspaper in the country picked up the story leading the Greenwich Village gourmet food store to issue an apology on its website.

Personally, I think this is a forgivable error by a store employee who didn’t know better and not an offensive act toward the Jewish people during Hanukkah as some are labeling it. I can’t imagine any Jews were actually misled by this erroneous signage and ate treif on Hanukkah as a result.

In fact, I’m sure erroneous labeling like this happens quite often and religious groups should laugh about it rather than taking offense. Here are some of my examples:

Easter Knish by Rabbi Jason MillerNothing says Easter like a hot Knish!

Ramadan Bagel Lox and Shmear Basket by Rabbi Jason MillerRamadan: It’s all about the lox and shmear!

Mormon Booze by Rabbi Jason MillerCelebrate the Sabbath with a bottle of vodka for your favorite Mormon!

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