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Hayim Herring and Kosher Vending Machines

Last night Rabbi Hayim Herring, the Executive Director of the STAR Foundation delivered a fascinating speech at my synagogue. The title of his “Visions of the Jewish Future” speech was “Anything, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Synagogue Renewal in an Age of Extreme Choice.” He explained how the role of the synagogue as a house of prayer/gathering/learning has changed drastically in this era of instant gratification, technology, and individual choice.

Well, Starbucks might be the “Third Place” where you can get your latte however you want it, but now even keeping Kosher while traveling will soon get easier. You may soon see Kosher vending machines in airports in New York.

Kosher Vending Industries, LLC, makers of Hot Nosh 24/6, the first certified Kosher on-demand hot food available through vending machines, has announced that Ruby Azrak, hip hop mogul Russell Simmons’s former partner at Phat Farm, has invested in the company to help fuel a nationwide expansion. Azrak keeps strictly Kosher himself.

KVI was established when co-founders Alan Cohnen and Doron Fetman were discussing the challenges Kosher travelers have when visiting locations that have no available Kosher hot food. Together they researched various options and the KVI concept was born.

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