Farewell Darko!

Here’s a great trivia question: Who was the #2 pick in the NBA draft right after the Cleveland Cavaliers got superstar LeBron James?

Yep, it was Darko Milicic. There is a vast sea of statistical difference between these two players. Darko has averaged less than two points a game during his disappointing NBA career while LeBron, well, has quite a bit more than two points a game (more than 30 ppg this year).

So now Darko is headed to Orlando to play for the Magic. Perhaps he will finally prove himself there. As Mitch Albom aptly writes, “[Darko] was the firecracker that we watched as kids, standing in a circle, hands in our ears. It fizzled. It went poof. ‘Is that it?’ we asked. Darko Milicic never exploded.”

While the Pistons won’t miss your on-court contribution to their record-setting year, the fans will certainly miss you. Good luck in Orlando Darko!

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