Sugar Train Slot


Mary Poppins used to sing, “just a spoon full of sugar and the medicine goes down”, this little jingle seems to be written to describe this super sweet Slot. The atmosphere won’t let you down, the magic world of the candies will cover you with sweetness. You can even smell the cupcakes and the doughnuts just baked as you play this 5 reel game.

How to Play

Although this game looks kids-oriented, it is suitable for everybody.

The colorful world of Sugar Train has nothing to envy to the classic slot machines, in facts with its 5 reels and 25 pay lines, the Players can bet from a minimum of 1 penny up to 12.5 pounds for a single spin, and thanks to the handy “max bet” and “max lines” buttons you can switch from the bottom to the top in just a few clicks.

Once hit, the Spin Button, turns into the Stop button and you can decide when stopping the wheels from spinning.

The Gumball Feature

This singular Slot has many features and rewarding mini-stages: the WIGWAG is one of the most appreciated among the Player.

A red indicator accompanied by a funny sound effect splashes up to the top, and once it gets there, the gumball feature will be activated. In this stage you are called to load the carriages appeared at the bottom of the screen with gumballs. Those sticky candies will have a different multiplier which can increase your bet up to 500 times.

The Scatter and the Pick Bonus

The legend says that there is a pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow, with Sugar Train Slot you will find it. The rainbow, in fact, is the Scatter symbol, just hitting three rainbows anywhere on the reels, you will have the possibility to pick up 3 Rainbows which contain yummy rewards, and by hitting 4 or 5 scatters, the rainbows become 4 or five respectively, this sweet can give a huge multiplier, up to 100x.

Free Spin Bonus

With the Gummy Bear, you win the Free Spins. Our little friend will pay you with 15, 20 or 25 free spins if you hit respectively 3, 4 or 5 bears on your reals.

The Gummy Bear has also the function of the wild. In fact, the little furry friend can substitute any other symbol in a winning combination.

The Gamble Bonus

Any win isn’t just a win but a gamble. When a winning combination lands on your reels, you have the possibility to challenge your luck, simply by guessing the color of the cupcake, your prize can be doubled. You have the chance to increase your booty no more than 5 times, but remember, if you are wrong there are no candies for you.

Final thoughts

The lollypops, the candies and the cakes have never been so sweet. This game can bring you straight away into the “toy country” where everything seems possible and everything can be eaten and enjoyed. The several mini-stages and awards show you how sweet the world can be if you select the right Slot.

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Renting an Awesome Ride for a Wedding: Important Information to Know

When one is planning a wedding, the checklist is usually big and overwhelming. It is no wonder people hire wedding planners to handle the arrangements. One of the most important parts of a wedding is the means of transportation for the couple and some of the guests.Most of the other people, especially those from the area, can take care of their own transportation to the wedding venue. So, if you want to get an awesome ride for your big day, here are some important tips.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Type

Rent a vehicle for a wedding

First of all, you and your partner must agree on the type of vehicle you want. Mainly, it is a choice between modern luxury vehicles and classics. The theme of the wedding can help you decide on which one to choose. For instance, a bow tie and tuxedo-themed wedding blends well with classic 70s cars, which are still available if you check at a reputable exotic vehicle rental company.

However, there are a number of other factors that may lead to a different choice. For those who want a vehicle that will carry themselves and the entire bridal party, then stretch limousines are the best. Today, they are available in a variety of popular models from Cadillac, Lincoln and Hummer among many others.

Examples of the Best Wedding Vehicles

For those who are not sure about what to choose, here are some examples of vehicles that are commonly used for weddings.

·         Mercedes Maybach – this is an expensive luxury sedan that gives you and your partner a memorable transport experience on your big day. It provides a presidential feel with an incredibly comfortable leather interior.

·         Rolls Royce Phantom – if you want to enjoy a royal feeling in a car, this is the best model to choose. At, you can find this vehicle at a reasonable rental price per hour to put the final touch on your dream wedding.

·         Austin Princess – for those with a classic theme for their wedding, this timeless vehicle will offer the best transportation. Reputable car rental companies still carry them for these occasions.

·         Lamborghini Aventador – this super caris one of the sportiest around although it only has two seats. This means that one of you has to drive it. It is common for grooms to drive their brides on this special day.

·         Limousines – as mentioned earlier, limos are available in different models these days. The best thing about them is that they are always driven by an experienced chauffeur and can carry more people at once. Choosing one will make your wedding special and memorable.

Paying for a Wedding Car

Most car rental companies have some requirements before they can rent you the car. They usually want to know the location of the wedding, number of hours the car will be needed and who will drive the car if they are not providing their professionally trained driver. Most of the classic and exotic vehicles are expensive and require maximum care.

Further, they ask for an upfront payment, and some will want security for the vehicle especially if you will drive it yourself. This payment is fully refundable and ensures that people are more responsible with the vehicles.


Are You A Student? See the Benefits of Using Online PDFApplication for Creating to Sharing

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Students, we know you have already got your hands full. From classroom presentation to homework, to applying to colleges andfiguring out your weeklyor monthly schedule, the amount of work you cope with every single week is fairly incredible. And we would like to help.

Refined Reports

You have certainly heard it before – presentation is the vital thing. And that benefits classroom presentations too – it is not just for those already in a group. Use PDF files to create streamlined, sleek presentations that are very easy to send via email, share with the classroom. With online.Sodapdf.comapplication, you can easily convert any of the most widely used file types – such as Excel, PowerPoint, word or images into PDF format, then merge PDFfile together to create one file.

Collaborative Projects

Working in a group of your classmates? If you are sharing information with your classmates over email, the PDF file is a fantastic format to use as it can easily be opened on each and every combination of hardware and software. If you are a Laptop user, working with a couple of Mac Heads, you will still be able to share your PDF file with them and never worry that it will not open on their device, or that the file will be unreadable and distorted. In addition, you can use the Sodapdf online application to create PDF files, so you can effortlessly annotate your files and share them with your group,so everyone is informed.

PDF Study Helps

Studying for end-of-year examinations? Get the information and facts you need from Wikipedia, newspapers and educational resources, copy all of them to your Word doc, and then merge them into an expedient PDF study guide that you can easily take with you on your tablet or phone. You will have all the important information to prepare for your exams, and also you can easily share it with your classmates or study groups so you all can get a passing grade.

PDF Class Schedules

You have already got a lot on your mind at the start of your school year – finding your way through lessons, completing reading lessons, and finding out where the classes will be conducted. Plan in advance for your successful school year by creating a streamlined, easily updated PDF class. And when your next term comes around? Quickly revise your file using the Sodapdf online applications. You will not need to bother about losing your exam schedule, and you will be able to quickly add new lessons (or even remove them) without having to print new files.

School Applications

If your school provide PDF or digital applications, save yourself efforts and papers by filling them out on your laptop. The PDF document looks more refined than any handwritten form, make sure that your receiver can easily read the information on your winning application.


Bret Stephens on Ted Cruz

What Ted Cruz Values

The Texan is repelling millions who believe in an America of the future, not the past.

Rancho Mirage, Calif.

It’s 70 degrees in this desert oasis, where I’m attending a writers’ festival, and I’m looking up at a vista of snowcapped peaks, cerulean skies and pink clouds that looks like a Bob Ross painting, only happier. But there’s only so much California positivity a man can handle, especially when he doesn’t play golf. That snowbound den of depravity known as Manhattan is calling me home.

With apologies to Billy Joel, I’m in a New York values state of mind.

Maybe I’d be a better person if I got away from the coasts more often, or visited a gun range. Maybe my conservative principles would be less attenuated if I weren’t surrounded, as Ted Cruz put it the other day, by people who “are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage,” and “focus around money and the media.” Maybe I should start listening to country music, the way Mr. Cruz did after he decided, in good Soviet fashion, that his musical taste ought to be dictated by political considerations.

And maybe I wouldn’t be quite so nauseated by the junior senator from Texas if the cynicism with which he mounted his attack last week on “New York values” weren’t so wholly matched by the sinister taint of an ambitious sophist who takes his audience for fools. Ted Cruz is the guy who made Donald Trump look tolerant and statesmanlike. That’s saying something.

Already it has been widely mentioned that Mr. Cruz’s wife, Heidi, is a senior executive with Goldman Sachs which isn’t exactly an Iowa values kind of institution, and that Mr. Cruz’s 2012 run for Senate was financed with the help of $1 million in low-interest loans from Goldman. Also noted is that Mr. Cruz owes his political career to the backing of billionaire Peter Thiel, who is libertarian, gay, and perhaps wondering what he was thinking.

And it goes without saying that most of us would prefer the values of the lowliest New York Fire Department cadet over the cleverest Harvard Law graduate any day we need to get out of trouble that isn’t of our own making.

But the deeper problem with Mr. Cruz’s assault on the Big Apple isn’t his personal hypocrisy, or his two-bit stereotypes, or in biting the hands that fed him. That’s what we expect of politicians; the priced-in rate of running for high office. It’s the full-frontal assault on millions of GOP voters who, on one issue or another, share some of those dreaded New York values. The senator is trying to do to socially moderate Republicans what Democrats did to their own social conservatives when they barred pro-life Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey from speaking at the 1992 Democratic Convention. Yes, kids, there used to be Democrats who didn’t march in lockstep with Emily’s List.

There also used to be a theory of politics that, in two-party systems, it was in both parties’ interests to pitch the broadest possible tent; to have, as the great Si Kenen once put it, “no enemies, only friends and potential friends.”

But that’s not Mr. Cruz’s theory. He believes in the utility of enemies—the media; Washington; his fellow Republican senators; other squishes—because they’re such easy foils and because he’s convinced that polarization works and persecution complexes sell. Who cares about Republican voters in New York (or California, or Massachusetts, or Illinois) when not one of their votes will count in the Electoral College? Why waste time and energy courting the center-right when doing so will earn you the permanent enmity of the permanently angry?

The answer to that one lies in Cuyahoga and Pinellas and Loudoun counties—those purple lands in Ohio, Florida and Virginia where swing voters still decide elections in this country. Mr. Cruz needs to answer how he plans to win 50.1% in those states, not 70% of the Bible Belt. Such an answer is available to a Republican nominee, but only one who doesn’t demean other people’s values even when he doesn’t share them. Mr. Cruz needs to study old Ronald Reagan clips to understand the difference between having strong beliefs and being an insufferable jerk about them.

In the meantime, let’s put in a word for those New Yorkers and their values: the immigrant strivers; the capitalist-philanthropists; the skyscraper builders; the professional classes of lawyers and publishers and doctors and money-managers and (even) journalists; the cops; the opera lovers; the headline writers at the New York Post; the people who believe their true identity lies in the near future not the ancestral past. This is the America of aspiration and competition, of honest self-reinvention, of getting along in crowded places, of letting the smaller differences slide.

Mr. Cruz has the personal biography to have made New York’s story his own. He made other choices. I know plenty of New Yorkers won’t be shy about telling him what he ought to do with himself, and the rest of the Republican Party should take their views—and maybe even their values—to heart.



Social Media and Jewish Teens: The Good, the Bad and the Inappropriate

In the early 1990s I was an active leader in my synagogue’s high school youth group. Even as a young teen I appreciated the importance of communication in cultivating new members to the congregation’s chapter of United Synagogue Youth (USY) and for keeping current members abreast of upcoming events. This membership communication came in the form of photocopied flyers on colored Xerox paper, phone messages left on the family’s answering machine, and hand drawn posters attached to cork boards with push pins in the synagogue lobby. Once every two months we assembled a cut-and-paste newsletter to be photocopied, stapled and sent to members’ homes.
social networking and teens
Teens and Social Media –


Much has changed in the past twenty years when it comes to teens and communication. Everything is now instant. Those mailed event flyers often took as much as a week to arrive in teens’ mailboxes, but today’s texts and tweets arrive in the blink of an eye. Direct communication, of course, has become easier as we’re almost always available to chat. No more leaving messages on answering machines as teens can connect virtually anytime using Skype, FaceTime or text messaging. Parents, however, are often out of the communications process in the 21st century. Each teen has her own cellphone to talk, text and video chat so parents often don’t know what their teens are doing or where they’re going unless they ask (or snoop).

For the most part, the growth of instant communication and social media has been a positive for teens in general and the success of Jewish teenage youth groups in particular. But despite the ways social networks like Facebook and instant messaging services have made it easier for teens to communicate with each other and for Jewish teen leaders to promote their group’s programs in more efficient ways, there are some very scary consequences that come with this high tech communication and social sharing.


Jon Stewart and Jason Bateman Shmooze in Yiddish

The great Yiddishist Leo Rosten was hopefully rolling (with laughter) in his grave last night. The late author of the book “The Joy of Yiddish” worked very hard during his lifetime to bring the dying Yiddish language into the mainstream.

Last night’s five minute dialogue between actor Jason Bateman and Jon Stewart included more Yiddish words than we typically hear on television. It was as if Bateman wanted to drop some of his well-rehearsed Yiddishisms during his interview on The Daily Show. As soon as Jason Bateman sat down he told Jon Stewart that his “It’s nice when nice happens to nice” opening comment sounded very Yiddish. And from there it became a Yiddish word competition between the two men.

Jon Stewart and Jason Bateman Speak Yiddish on the Daily Show

Jason Bateman explained that he recently learned the Yiddish word “chazerai” which seemed to confuse the Jewish host of The Daily Show (the former Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) who mistakenly said the word means a guy who’s a bit of a chazer (pig). Bateman correctly defined chazerai as garbage, but Stewart disagreed. At the end of the show Stewart actually returned to publicly apologize to Bateman for correcting his Yiddish since chazerai indeed does mean garbage.

Bateman then threw out mishegas and Stewart responded with meshugena. The conversation then turned to Bateman’s self-identification as a goy (gentile) and his experience at a friend’s Passover seder. Here’s the video of them shmoozing on the show last night:

Zei gezunt to Jason Bateman and Jon Stewart… and thanks for the early freilich Purim gift! 


Shabbat Saved this Guy from Dying on the Malaysia Airlines Flight. Or Did It?

Purim begins this Saturday night and once again the Jewish people will tell the story of our salvation. We will listen to the words of Megillat Esther, the story of how our ancestors were miraculously saved from their tragic death.Indeed that story is one that celebrates life. The Jewish people were saved from death in ancient Shushan (Persia), as the story goes, because the heroes Mordechai and Esther rose up and saved their people from destruction.

As we are preparing for the Purim holiday we are also glued to the TV waiting for any news of the fate of those aboard the Malaysia Airlines Flight #370 which disappeared somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and its destination of Beijing. Oftentimes when a tragedy such as a plane crash or a terrorist event occurs there are those who claim that by some miraculous turn of events they evaded the tragedy. Sometimes these stories are accurate and other times they are debunked by websites like


Malaysia Airlines Shabbat Miracle

I learned this morning of a story that has been circulated on the Web about a Jewish man who tried to book a flight on that Malasia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, however the travel agent being an ultra-Orthodox Jew refused to book him on that flight since it would require traveling on Shabbat. (According to Jewish law even arranging for another Jew to travel on the Sabbath is in violation of Jewish law.) The story, as reported in a blog by Daniel Eleff, the CEO of online travel agency, claims that his friend was the Sabbath observant travel agent who refused to book the man, whom we only know as Andrew, on that flight.


Purim YouTube Videos – Top Purim Videos for 2014

Purim is here! In preparing for my annual rundown of the top videos for Purim this year a few thoughts emerged: First, nothing really impressed me this year. Second, there wasn’t a lot of creativity (did a memo go out limiting people to only use Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” and “Let It Go” — the theme from the movie Frozen?). Third, where’s this year’s contribution from the Maccabeats? Maybe they’re too busy touring around the world and appearing on TV with Katie Couric?

I’m hopeful that the creative geniuses out there will get working on next year’s Purim spoofs and parodies and come up with some fun videos that are more creative than the t-shirt above. It’s actually easier for me to choose the best Purim videos when there’s more to choose from. While it was slim pickens this year, there are some fun ones below. So Happy Purim… and here are 2014’s top Purim videos:

HAPPY Purim (by Pharrell)

The Haman Remembrance – Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Megillas Lester Official Trailer

Kinderlach – Purim Chagiga

Miracle – Gad Elbaz and Naftali Kalfa featuring Ari Lesser

“What Does Haman Say” by A.K.A. Pella

Star Wars Lego Movie Purim Trailer

Let it Go Frozen – It’s a Purim Song

Michelle Citrin – Shake Your Grogger (A Purim Song)

Bob Dylan Purim Shpiel (Robert Zimmerman)

What Does Purim Say? (What Does the Fox Say?)

Everything Is Purim (from the Lego Movie)


Jewish Celeb Harold Ramis on Groundhog Day’s Torah Metaphor

Sadly, Harold Ramis passed away yesterday at the early age of 69. Famous for so many great movies including Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Analyze This, National Lampoon’s Vacation and Stripes. Ramis also acted and appeared in such films as Knocked Up, As Good As It Gets, Airheads and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (where he played L’chaim).
Harold Ramis - Groundhog Day and the Torah

Not a religious Jew, Harold Ramis did don a tallit and gave a terrific sermon on Rosh Hashanah at Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living a few years ago. Here are the videos of that presentation about Jewish creativity:



For many, Harold Ramis’ finest writing contribution was the 1993 classic Groundhog Day. In a talk at the Hudson Union Society in 2009, Ramis explained some of the allure behind Groundhog Day. While Zen Buddhists find it to be very Buddhist, Christians see the Christian metaphors in the film. The psychiatric community told Ramis that they thought the movie was a metaphor for psychoanalysis. At the 2:39 mark of this talk, Harold Ramis shares how there is a connection between Groundhog Day and the Torah. As a Jew, Ramis explains that Jews respond to the movie so well because the Torah is read anew every year and yet we see the same story with different meanings.


Twitter Hashtag on a Wedding Kippah

Reform Jewish wedding, Conservative Jewish wedding or Orthodox Jewish wedding… they all have one thing in common — the personalized yarmulke. It’s impossible to go to a Jewish wedding and not receive a keepsake kippah with the bride and groom’s names imprinted on the inside along with the wedding date.Well, these personalized kippot have been fairly standard for a very long time. Some Jewish wedding couples choose to include the Hebrew date of the wedding along with the secular date and some couples have their names printed in Hebrew as well.

For the first time I saw a couple include a hashtag on the inside of their wedding kippahs. Hashtags are used on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) that are used to identify messages on a specific topic making it easy to search. Oftentimes at conventions, conferences, events and sports games a hashtag is recommended so users can follow the related posts.


Hashtag Wedding Kippah (Yarmulke)
Brian Stelter and Jamie Shupak’s wedding kippah with the #thestelters hashtag