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I’m Going to the Shul!

“Mr. and Mrs. Bernanke, Your son Ben Shalom has just been nominated as the new Chairman of the United States of America’s Federal Reserve, a position some call the most powerful in the world. Where are you going?”

“Um, we thought we’d just go the shul for our adult ed class.”

Rabbi Jason MillerThat’s right, not to Disneyland or either to D.C. to see the Senate approve their son Ben Shalom Bernanke‘s nomination to replace Alan Greenspan as the Fed Chairman.

The Los Angeles times reports that “Bernanke’s parents are staying home in North Carolina because their son has told them there’s nothing to see. They don’t plan on being glued to the TV either. ‘We have a class at the synagogue,’ Edna Bernanke said. ‘We’ll put a tape in the VCR and see if we caught something when we come home.'”

So we learn three important things about the new Fed Chairman’s parents from Mrs. Bernanke’s quote:

A) She wanted her son to become a doctor;
B) Either her rabbi’s a good teacher or the shul serves good coffee at evening classes; and,
C) They don’t have Tivo.

Well, good luck to Ben Shalom Bernanke in his new position. The world (perhaps excluding Mom and Dad) will be watching.

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