Opening the Senate with Prayer

For a long time I felt conflicted on the issue of the separation of Church and State. However, I have come to realize that there really is no separation of Church and State in our country. Priests invoke the name of Jesus all the time in official ceremonies (e.g., inaugurations), politicians and judges get sworn in on bibles (or on the Koran as the case may be), Christmas trees are erected on public property and in elected officials’ offices each year, Easter egg hunts and Christmas parties are observed, and God is mentioned in all areas of political and judicial life including on our currency.

So, when I was asked if I would hang a mezuzah on Ohio Senator David Goodman’s office doorpost on March 27th and then open that day’s session of the Ohio Senate with a prayer, I didn’t refuse on the grounds of the separation of Church and State. In fact, I was quite excited to speak before the Senate.

Here are some photos of the mezuzah hanging ceremony as well as the video of my opening benediction:

Rabbi Jason MillerRabbi Jason MillerRabbi Jason Miller

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