Rusted Root in Vegas – What a Show!

Rusted Root live at The House of Blues in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay)It’s been over a week since Elissa and I returned from our vacation in Las Vegas, but I still haven’t posted any photos or blogged about the experience. I’ll try and do that tomorrow. In the meantime, while we saw four great “Vegas shows,” one of the highlights of the vacation was seeing Rusted Root play a concert at The House of Blues at our hotel (Mandalay Bay).

We only found out that Rusted Root was going to be at The House of Blues a couple nights before and we already had received free tickets to see magician Lance Burton at Monte Carlo the same night (free tickets from attending a time-share presentation… but more on that later). So after seeing the illusions of Mr. Burton it was back to our hotel for Rusted Root. They played an amazing show with a lot of classic songs and some new material as well.

I especially enjoyed talking with Jason Miller (great name!) after the show. He was sitting in for regular percussionist Jim Donovan and signed an autograph “To Rabbi Jason Miller from Jason Miller the Drummer”. He told me he wishes he had a title (like a doctorate in drumming), but he actually received a master’s degree in percussion performance. It was a truly amazing show and I learned that The House of Blues is a very fun place to attend a concert.

Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root with Rabbi Jason Miller Liz Berlin of Rusted Root with Rabbi Jason Miller

Jenn Wertz of Rusted Root with Rabbi Jason Miller Patrick Norman of Rusted Root with Rabbi Jason Miller

Jason Miller of Rusted Root with Rabbi Jason MillerMichael Glabicki of Rusted Root

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